New 2018 Event Dates Announced


The members of Tarantara are looking forward to singing throughout another busy year and are already rehearsing a range of new musical pieces.  Bookings for concerts have come in thick and fast with concerts throughout the region and an invitation to return for a special concert in South Wales in July.  The concert organisers will be raising money for a range of good causes and the choir is confident that it will help to raise tens of thousands of pounds for those good causes.  You can see details of all our upcoming concerts by clicking on the Events tab.  Come and join us in 2018!

What a start to Summer

Tarantara on the stage of the Birmingham Symphony Hall. We will present  an intensely rehearsed short programme of music from the 40's, 50's, and 60 's to kick of the celebratory eveinig for the Trefoil Guild. We will get to understand how much preparation goes on putting on a full evening of entertainment at BSH!!

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